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Setting in .conf or .scn file for using smoothed mesh?

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Hi all, I'm curious whether there's a setting that I've missed in the docs about rendering smoothed meshes.  I was hoping to find something I could work backward from, but since the objects in the /example/export.scn are all faceted, I didn't find the answer I was looking for.

Is there a bool setting somewhere in the .scn or .conf files to enable per-.obj smoothing or something?

The example mesh is probably just exported that way (it is needed to get absolutely correct results for example to compare PT vs. BDPT error). The standalone application  just takes the normals in the input file.

There is one parameter, max normal difference, that when set to its minimum value efficiently disables shading normals.

Here is the cbox exported with shading normals:

You will probably need new version of the standalone application, get it here in the standalone folder:

Oh, fantastic, that new cornell box scene works.  So this was just an issue with the .obj's shading normals not being exported?  I'll have to remember that when writing an exporter! :)

No, it was deliberately set to not export shading normals in 3dsmax Corona mesh export. I have my test scenes set up this way so that bidirectional and unidirectional methods converge to the same solution. It is nothing you have to deal with.


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