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Corona standalone build, input format description

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I've released a standalone build of Corona and prepared a document describing its file format. It uses the standard OBJ/MTL files with certain extensions to accomodate advanced Corona features. Corona for 3dsmax can export to this format (although you need the daily build to get the settings right). It can be used for command-line/automated rendering, and for rendering from software other than 3dsmax.

It currently supports only a subset of Corona features, but more can be added upon request.

CoronaStandalone is subject to Corona licence/disclaimer:,19.0.html

This is still very experimental and preliminary implementation, so the scene description will probably change a lot (but OBJ/MTL format will always be supported)


edit: this is now deprecated, there is new, better format:


Pinkie Pie sure does love custom scripted pipeline ;)

Hi, this looks good, could you put and importer for sketchup?, i use sketchup for do my model and i'd like try render with the standalone
this is the oficial page

No, I am waaay too busy to do that, but the point of this is that now you can do it ;).


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