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Integer ID chanels render elements


Ok, first, as a long time VRay user I am extremely impressed by Corona.
My first wishes: could you make the node render ID and material ID chanels to render integer masks like 3dsmax or Vray do?
Random RGB colors are anti-aliased (cudos for this), BUT can't be grabbed automatically by NUKE gizmos in post, and a loose set selection-keyer in compositing could unintentional also select similar IDs. We have a very efficient workflow with object, material and render node IDs being rendered out and NUKE automatically or manually grabbing specific ones (same ID in the EXR visible in NUKE as assigned in 3dsmax) for specific treatment. After Effects can also only access your ID render elements with EXtractor plus a keyer, the IDentifier filter don't work.
It would also be very helpful if you could output the obj, mat and render node ID through the standard 3dsmax chanels inside the 3dsmax EXR exporter.


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