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StandAlone Corona for Osx and Linux - Possible ?


I was thinking about something...

    The entire Renderfarm at the studio is probably move towards Linux. So... No renderfarm for (me) Max user, in a near future. I will have to render all my work on our workstations and/or RebusFarm...

     BUT, someone tolds me that it's possible to submit jobs for Mentalray using Max (windows) and running Mentalray Satellite on Linux...

     Is it possible for us to have a future solution like that using Corona Stand Alone renderer ? I know it's not planned or for a near future, but is it something impossible to think/Wish ?

first question: you will lose all plugins and 3dsmax texmaps except for bitmap. Is that OK?

Hmm. Loosing plugins is manageable in many cases (but it will certainly put a lot of limits for some jobs), and "only bitmaps supported", you mean, nothing procedural goes to stand-alone/linux's version ? So, is this forever or for a while ?

it is basically same as GPU rendering - it can be re-coded, but that would take time and would not match 100%


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