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Lack of realism / Problem with Noise


I want to get some help with my rendering, what can I do with this type of closed spaces without the window, how can I get the best resault, is there any way to make this type of scenes looks good ? I rendered a photo in full hd quality with 2 % noise level with standard denoising and I still got white noise at the celling and top parts of the walls, do you guys know whats the issue ? I will be also glad to get any tip which will help my rendering to look more realistic. Thanks

I don’t see any pronounced noise on the ceiling, regarding noise - everything will depend on the lighti sources setup and the material of the lamp shades, you can use fake sources for the lighting itself and place sources inside the lamps only to create the appearance.

Also, your surfaces may appear to contain noise if small-scale noise maps are applied to them (bump/displacement/roughness), in some cases it is worth reducing their influence.

As for improving the rendering in such spaces, the main thing here will be setting an attractive angle with the right composition, which will imply contrasts; you can consider turning off some light sources to create more “volume”.
In such a bright room with warm surface colors, you can reduce the albedo of the walls/floor/ceiling so that the shadows become more contrasting, and the noise will also go away faster. You can consider using CoronaRaySwitch Mtl/Map for the floor and/or walls to remove the excessive yellowness that yellow parquet conveys to all other surfaces.

Everything else depends on the quality of your models, correctly modeled structural elements, detailed materials for objects. At a minimum, I can notice that many gaps in the elements are missing, for example, the baseboard and door frames/doors are stuck into the floor and walls, the cornice is stuck into the ceiling, the intercom is stuck into the wall. The mirror penetrates through the baseboard and floor and has no chamfers at the ends. Constructive gaps add life and photorealism to the image (this is clearly visible in the example of the clock hanging on the left wall).
Some elements either have no chamfers or very small chamfers.
And I could be wrong, but in my opinion there is a problem with the smoothing groups on the plinth.

For small and contrasting decorative elements such as a rug, shoes, a plant and a seat cushion, you should pay very close attention to their location in the frame, the quality of the modeling and the creation of materials. These elements attract the viewer's attention in the first place. Now the shoes, decorative plant and rug, in my opinion, look below average in realism. and, although they attract attention to themselves, they are located in the very corner of the frame and are subject to perspective distortion from the small focal length of the camera.

The presence of jagged edges on the ceiling light source indicates that you have turned off Bloom and glare, which you should not do, it is an integral part of any real photo.
The rest of the image looks good, just a few minor details left to improve, good luck!

You can try using the Intel AI denoiser. The "Corona HQ" denoiser tends to preserve detail on materials with bump mapping, and that can sometimes result in preserving noise too. :) The AI denoisers are generally more aggressive.

Other than that, in cases like this where you are dealing with an interior with strong indirect illumination, you can try the following:
- lower the max sample intensity value (but don't go below ~10) - this will make the image a bit darker but will also clean up the noise faster
- increase the GI vs AA value from 16 to 32, but probably not higher - this will focus more sampling on GI so you will get less noise within the same render time

Thanks for help guys, it sure looks a bit better, small step to sometihing nice.

I feel that your door is off also. It's protruding from the wall, whereas in most cases, they are flush with the wall and only the molding protrudes. Which could also be a bit wider (in my opinion) :)


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