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Hi there! Corona newbie here, I need help with my renders, they look meh

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Aha, if you are getting a RAM warning, then that would explain the long render times, I don't think I saw information about that before. Some things don't take much RAM, but do involve a lot of calculations for the render engine (like passing light through translucent curtains and continuing it on into the scene and bouncing around), which is why they were a suggestion; but that said, any complexity in calculation from that will be outweighed by the speed impact of low RAM now that we know you have the low RAM warning.

BTW on CPU we'd need the particular model rather than just the generation, it looks like that laptop comes with an i7 - 8750H, which in itself is not a fast processor ( ), so having that then hit with low RAM will definitely lead to sub-par performance.

None of this relates to the quality of the image of course, but reducing RAM usage would be a major help for your render time here (or adding more RAM, if the laptop supports it ).

Nejc Kilar:
Glad you've found the feedback useful Valerie!

Regarding performance I completely agree with Maru and Tom - that might be a slow(er) CPU for today's standards and if you couple it with running out of memory (RAM) then you'll really have trouble rendering this one out :)

On the more artistic side of things, I really think its good that you've started with something that is an actual place you can visit in real life. When I started out one of my earliest projects was trying to recreate the office space I had - really not that visually stimulating as a render per say but it did give me an opportunity to try and recreate all the objects (and the space itself) pretty much with the same or similar details I could see. I think thats a cool approach to things because you can pick stuff up and just go to work until the render looks convincing enough given what you have in your hands. Takes a ton of time but imho it is very much worth it.

As far as the "atmosphere" I think that might actually come down to your tone mapping as well. Try playing around with some of the LUTs Corona comes with and see if that helps.

Oh and the chamfer modifier, try setting it to "smooth chamfers only". That'll probably help.


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