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Track Modifier Tag ignored by Corona


Hey There!

A colleague of mine just recently discovoered, that the Cienma 4D Track Modifier Tag is completely ignored by corona on rendertime.
Unfortunatly I am on holidays right now, so i can't build a test scene. But what he basically did was keyframing an object (not parametric) to drop down on the "ground" from a certain height and use the track modifier to give it some springy bounciness, when it hits the floor. In the viewport it works as it should, but the bouncing is completely gone when rendering it. So corona basically renders the keyframed animation without the additional movement, caused by the track modifier.

I have to admit, that i never heard of the track modifier tag before, so i couldn't come up with a solution/workaround for this. But maybe you can set up a simple test scene yourself and see if this phenomenon is happening to you too.
If not, i can do this, but not until two weeks ;)

I wish all of you some nice holidays and a happy new year!
Keep up the great work you're all doing!


Hi there,

I believe the track tag is in newer versions of C4D. Most of the team are on a short break (as you can imagine) but we will no doubt look into it when time permits. Enjoy your xmas break!

Yeah, the internet says, that it is there since R25. But I guess not that much people are using it :)

Hi Moritz,

Sorry for the delay. I have been trying to recreate this issue but have not been successful. Is there any chance you can share a test scene with me? If you would like, I can create a support ticket on your behalf and we can go from there?


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