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Render sequence with Stand Alone version



Is it possible to render a animation range or specify frame number in the stand alone? Cant see any way to specify this?


What's your DCC app of choice?
Otherwise, all you need is to set Halt condition(-s) and render out animation/ frames.

Im using 3DSMax to export and the stand alone that comes with it.

Corona.exe c:\Temp\c1\export.scn -o c:\temp\test.png

But no matter what i do when i export (single, active time segment, range in 3dsmax) it wont render the range. I can see it "loop" through the animation when it does the export, but i cannot see any differences in the scn file or anything - its like there is no animation information there. The test scene is simple with a teapot rotating, one corona light, one corona camera, one corona material.

It just wants to render the last frame in the export sequence, nothing else.

Cant see any arguments for the command line that lets you specify frame, range or anything similar.

Unfortunately this is not possible at this moment, but obviously we are planning to add it in the future.


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