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Accessing Corona Bitmap in 3ds max


Hello everyone. I've asked people before how to access Corona Material in 3ds max using C++ SDK. Solution was working, but now, when I want to access Corona Bitmap I feel as something is burning down my spine.

I tried to use common approach and look at ClassName of Corona Bitmap. And what I see? Bitmap's class name almost always is the name of the image it uses! The only solution I see right now is getting local name of first (and only) paramblock of the bitmap which is "Corona BitmapTex PB" for now.
Though I already can predict how many pains I'll get when it will be changed or something else.

Is there any "civil" way to recognize that I'm working with Corona Bitmap in 3ds Max C++ SDK?

Is it valid Class ID for Corona Bitmap that is not going to be changed?

classID check will work. Also we fixed it so the classname wont change in latest builds.

generally I would advise on using class IDs from C++ code, they are faster and less likely to change ever


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