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Accessing material parameters with 3ds Max C++ SDK


Hello. 3ds Max itself in its C++ SDK has many useful (accessible by the user via GUI) things (like diffuse color, map level etc.). VRay supports you with a header for enumeration of paramblocks and options in Material Editor, so you can get them on your own.
Do you have some similar public interface that is not changing constantly from version to version? I'm stuck a little bit about how to export minimal info (similar to other render engines who provide their own material implementation) provided by the user who uses Corona Render.

This is the documentation I used in the blender exporter.  It details the material formats and they don't change very often.

I moved in other direction and just parsed Paramblock.
I'm afraid that it may drastically change in next versions, as I'm working with Corona 1.3 right now (and don't know what is going on in Corona 1.6, for instance), and it may have no sense later.
If someone is interested, here is header similar to the public interface of VRayMtlParameters enumeration.
Hope I did not break any Corona Renderer rules :D Seriously, guys, a user can see it and access it, thus, it is open already.

Gave plugin to the man who has Corona 1.5.1. I can see that there are new options: pbrMode and opacityCutout.
What is opacityCutout?

pbr is the new standard for materials which basically means leave reflection level at 1, leave reflection ior at 1,52, and only alter glossiness

cutout is the option to clip opacity mask, so that there are hard edges only - speeds up rendering


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