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Standalone Build 2016-01-21 first impression

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Some questions/issues while trying to do some tests

1. Using button Export+Render ends in the attached runtime error when SA is automatically started after export.

2. Non exportable classes are shown with their German name in the error window here. So I had to figure out what those funny names for gradient ramp ("Verlaufsart") or dent ("Kerbe") exactly mean :). My Windows is in fact German, 3DSMax (and all other applications) always runs en-US. Would be nice to have english here.

4. I started to replace some unsupported maps with CoronaMix just to read to my surprise "Cannot export map: CoronaMix" wtf? Why that? Isn´t it a native Corona map?

After a first glance I have to say one can get quite exited seeing scenes loading in no time and render so much faster. Asset collecting works fine though I haven´t started trying to fool it. Human readable/editable scene files, low memory consumption - all yummy! Corona unleashed.

Good Luck

Max2014/Corona version: 1.4 DailyBuild Jan 27 2016

I will look at #1.
#4: making map exportable is extra work, so corona maps do not work out of the box, they need to be ported as well. A list of most-needed missing maps would be helpful.

What about closeness of the export render to 3ds Max version? Any issues there?

I have to find and deal with all unsupported maps first - it renders still quite red as you can see :) and there is some Forest geometry missing. I´ve chosen by purpose a typical scene with no regard. So this needs ... another time slot to get something decent to compare.

Good Luck

I hope it's ok to add my stuff in this thread. ;)

I was checking the texture baking, and by the way tested the same scene with standalone. I had to override the gamma of the baked bitmaps to 1.0. This is the same scene rendered in 3ds Max and Standalone. Is this expected?

Next build will have better error message, screenshot any error it produces. I will release it in few days


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