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New standalone build, new XML format

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I wonder if it would be possible using Corona standalone to implement a mental ray satellite like distributed rendering solution. No max overhead or long loading times...

Do I need Max/Corona latest daily to export scenes properly for the new built? I tried in a haste to export a scene and render it in standalone a few days ago but it did not work.

Good Luck!

yes, you need latest versions, and yes, it would be possible (in fact, we may add the feature in the future in the official build). The problem is still, that you cannot use some shaders


--- Quote from: Ondra on 2016-02-05, 10:31:59 ---The problem is still, that you cannot use some shaders

--- End quote ---

It´s of course beyond my knowledge to estimate if this is solvable. But if somehow yes, it´s quite tempting. Especially when thinking of only one slave-side Corona implementation for all ports.

Tnx and Good Luck

it would be great if you could do some tests with real scenes to determine how exactly feasible is the current version. If it turns out to be doable, that would be a huge motivation for us to push it further

Wanted to do this anyway out of curiosity in the next spare time slot.

Good Luck


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