Author Topic: Scene bounding box problem  (Read 1247 times)

2016-09-08, 10:52:23


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Hi guys. We got a little problem with "BOUNDING BOX". We got a scene which is well scaled, based right next to 0,0,0 and usually complex. But we still get message which is attached bellow. Any solutions? Picture viewer always runs only black and white and give back no renderings.

Sorry for spaming here but I need to solve this problem kinda fast. Thank you!

2016-09-08, 12:12:19
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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Thanks for making moderator's life harder.
As for your problem, maybe there's some object(s) far away from scene origin that you're not aware to? It even could be some nasty camera target or helper, like particle viewer, etc.
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2016-09-08, 12:35:03
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The easiest way might be selecting all objects (Ctrl+A) and then enabling the bounding box markers (J), or pressing Z to see the whole selection. If there are some objects far away from the origin, you need to move them closer or delete them.
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