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Hello everyone, this time I publish a photo-matching work.
I hope you like it!
Sw: cinema 4d, corona for C4d, photoshop

Please check the full project on behance at the following link so you can enjoy all hi res renders.

It seems that you didn't match the scale in your second render - it looks like a house for gnomes :]

AHAHAH I know but it's actually perfectly positioned where it should be. I think it depends on the shot taken on a terrain that goes very uphill and which is taken from above. If you open the behance link you can see the existing building, attachment point. Anyway thanks for the interesting remark.

The old building is much farther away than the new one, yet they are about the same size. I think if you'd move CG house to the spot where the real house is, you may see that the scale is off. Other than that, i think you did a great job integrating CG into the photo.

The new project is not positioned exactly on the existing one but about 1 meter further on for reasons of distance from the border. It's a bit complicated to explain ... however the architect told me it was correct. But I agree with you that at first glance it may not convince


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