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Lol on the simple blur, I was looking for that last week but could find no way to do it (wanted to blur some procedural output), so yes, that would be a useful thing!

I support this.
Consider that hero materials can be as complex as the one that dubcat posted, but for the rest of the materials I think just the curvature map can do wonders without too much penalization.

One of the first things I did was to test all the CoronaData maps, the position map is not the kind we want.

Round Edge Map is almost a Curvature map. I use it as a filler curvature map every now and then, but it also masks crevices white.
I have reported this is my Curvature thread on Mantis.

The biggest problem right now is that all the default 3dsmax maps are calculating shit in linear and we need sRGB.
I'm adjusting all these maps afterwards with an Output map as a little hack.

These functions need to be added to CoronaOutput in Photoshop form. (Reported on Mantis)
- Invert
- Gamma
- Legacy Brightness
- Legacy Contrast

We also need to split the Curvature map into 7 parts, to get full control, and then blend them back with Overlay.
To do this we need Highpass filter (There are functions out there for real time) and Gaussian Blur.

I did a 32 pass test.
Big ass procedural tree = 06:45 min
1 compiled bitmap = 01:40 min

I hope all this stuff can be bundled into one optimized map. I've already offered to make a reference sheet on how all this fits together.
If Team Corona want to tackle this map, just text me on Skype.

I made this mock up (v0.1) last night when I made the proof of concept.
It might look overwhelming, but when you load the map, all the boxes should be closed.
So if you want to work on Curvature, you open the curvature section etc.
I forgot to add master opacity for each map.

I used to think that procedural maps did not tile for some reason and instead went on in random generation forever. Kind of wish they behaved like that instead.

I have to say I'm glad some people here fall into the mad professor category - in a good way, of course - I'm awestruck, looking forward to where this could get one day.


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