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can i use Corona ACES Emulation with ur luts ? photographic luts ?  like Kim Amland - Photographic 01 ? plz tell us

Hey Dubcat, Is it possible for you to create a Arri Alexa Lut ?

Hi dubcat!
I am using your Photographic LUTs since a long time and found that not enough people know about it. I made a tutorial about my workflow with vray, including using your LUTs and thought it would be nice to redistribute them in a way so that they are easily available and not just the forums here.
Check out my tutorial here:
And the download here:
I wanted to ask you if you are alright with this. If not I can take them out of the download and will try to replicate them so that I can offer something similar.
Thanks for your support and inspiration that I got from your posts on this forum!


Looks like you haven't done your homework properly, so I suggest you take your nonsense down before you make more damage...

 First, get author's approval/consent to redistribute assets. Secondly, take at least a basic study in colour science, because linear color space doesn't exist!!! And finally, reference sources, among which is this thread.

Hope you can see your mistakes, correct them and realize future self in better way.

heh. "Bonus: Magic LOG LUT"..
mate, just ask beforehand next time. and always link to the source.


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