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This will be my little hideout where I share crazy stuff and what not.

I will make a proper first post later.

During the Corona 1.5 Daily Build phase I was pushing/testing hard to get all the proper Blending Modes into CoronaMix.
There are three main reason for this. I will be posting two new mini guides on two of the reasons in the near future.
The third reason is procedural masking.

I've been talking to Ondra about procedural maps/masks for a couple of weeks now.
My idea is to turn Corona into a crazy ass procedural beast.

Last night I put together a proof of concept inside the material editor. It's basically Quixels dDO inside max.
Right now I'm using baked maps for Curvature, AO, ObjectSpaceNormal and Gradient. Everything else is done inside the material editor.
I've posted Mantis requests for Curvature, ObjectSpaceNormal and Gradient maps. If we ever get these maps, we only have to swap them with the baked bitmaps, and there we go.
Crazy ass mask generator inside max!

Here are the input maps.

My proof of concept mask generator that behaves like Quixels dDO.

Out comes

oh God....

That's crazy. Nice, but crazy :] Wonder how big penalty in render time you'd get from such material setup compare it to baked maps?

Doesn't CoronaData map already has world object space normal map pass? Can't test it at the moment.

Anyway, i love procedural stuff. Insta subscribe!

Ludvik Koutny:
Yep, I enjoy procedural shading too...

Aside from Romullus' question if there isn't already something you need in CoronaData map, the gradient map you mentioned, doesn't 3ds Max's gradient ramp already do that? I mean you can plug in source texture and map its luma range using that gradient.

What I am most missing for procedural shading inside 3ds Max is just a simple blur texture, that just simply blurs.


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