Author Topic: Bedroom Scene - second attempt with Corona  (Read 793 times)

2020-02-13, 22:07:26


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Hello all! :)

I have just recently begun working with Corona, having used Octane predominantly in the past. I am by no means an expert in the field, but I do enjoy the rendering aspect of CGI, and am always looking to try and improve my ability and skill set. Hence why I am currently experimenting with Corona, having heard and seen so much great news about it.

Anyway, enough rambling for now, here is my second attempt working with Corona. Scene is from Evermotion. Still much to learn in terms of materials etc, so many brains to pick at some point down the line.

Thanks, and critques and helpul hints ALWAYS welcome


2020-03-11, 12:54:04
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Really nice! What did you do to the scene?