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Hello Romullus,
Thanks for your response.
I uploaded the demo scene:

Successfully uploaded as

Hi guys,

I tried Corona 7 rc4 with C4D r23.110 OSX and when I use " enable dispersion " in the Refraction slot, C4D Crashed.

The same scene without " enable dispersion " with Corona 7 rc4 is working.
The same scene with " enable dispersion " with Corona 6 hotfix 2 is working.

Gallery / Bulgalow 1
« Last post by Kost4d on Today at 17:00:59 »
Let me start posting the serie of the architectural visualizations made for the client from Germany.

Bungalow housing Part 1

More images here

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Aerial Perspective Playground !
« Last post by PROH on Today at 15:59:38 »
Hi. I'm testing the new Sky, and having a problem. When using the new volume effect together with VDB-skies, I'm getting a purple box around the skies.

Is this a known issue, and are there any workarounds?

Uploaded two images showing the problem.
[Max] Daily Builds / Re: AVX load issue during rendering
« Last post by BULUW on Today at 14:15:26 »
After some tests, it is found that the AVX offset will be invalid in the mini scene, which is a headache for product rendering.
[Max] Daily Builds / Re: AVX load issue during rendering
« Last post by BULUW on Today at 11:48:39 »
Test the situation on the 8280 later. The 8280 is rendered at 2.7Ghz in the lower version. If the offset disappears, it may cause a lot of trouble due to temperature problems.
[Max] Daily Builds / AVX load issue during rendering
« Last post by BULUW on Today at 11:40:47 »
After updating Corona 7, the rendered AVX behavior has changed.
7980xe oc 4.5 AVX offset on -5
In Corona 6 and lower versions, the CPU 100% load can correctly identify AVX offset during rendering, and the CPU frequency is maintained at 4.0Ghz, which can well balance the temperature of the CPU after overclocking.
But in Corona 7, the AVX offset is no longer recognized, rendering will always remain at 4.5Ghz, and the CPU temperature has been greatly challenged.
In corona benchmark 3950x - 58 sec, double xeon - 32 sec. We found out experimentally that it gets better without displacement, but it's still not clear where this difference comes from, the rendering time is the same on 2 computers
Can you be more specific, please? I'm affraid "INTEL double xeon" can mean anything, including much slower machines than Ryzen 3950X
Please provide the scene with assets - without it it's really hard, if not impossible to tell what's going on.
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