Author Topic: Corona Renderer Alpha build  (Read 8276 times)

2012-02-04, 22:14:00

Ludvik Koutny

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Warning: this is an outdated build, use Alpha v5 instead

This is an Alpha build of Corona renderer. This build is not by far complete, and not all features are fully functional yet.

This build is for 3ds Max 2012 x64. Keep in mind only 64bit versions Windows 7 and Vista are supported.

Update: Archive now contains builds also for 3ds Max 2009 and 2011

For licensing terms and conditions, please refer to this thread:,19.0.html  (basically: it's free, but don't be a dick ;))

For installation instructions, please refer to this thread:,2.0.html

You should also take a look at a list of known bugs and limitations as it might save you some headaches ;),11.0.html

Before you start using corona, it is recommended you change several render settings. These settings have not been set to appropriate defaults as they could disguise possible bugs, but for regular use, you should change them:

1, Change exit color to 100% black:

2, Change internal resolution to 2:

3, Change  HD Cache max. records to 5000

You can download the build right below this text (
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