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News / Re: Sample interior scene
« on: 2014-06-30, 14:57:10 »
failed to open!!! 3d max 2012 x64 :(


I don´t get the standalone application to work on my Win 8.1 64bit system. First I had problems because of missing 'msvcp120.dll' on my computer. I solved that by installing the 'vcredist_x64.exe' included in the dropbox archiv of version 2013-12-12 of the standalone versions!Standalone

But now there´s a problem with export.scn, that cannot be read, although it´s in the sample folder inside the folder with Corona.exe

See the command line message:

ERROR: Cannot open/read/write file 'export.scn'
Corona Renderer Alpha - Standalone
(c) Ondra Karlik, 2009-2014

What I´ve done wrong? Thank for thinking about a solution!

Chris :)

From which programm you export your scene?

i have this problem too :/ exporting from 3d max 2014 x64, Corona A6 :((

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