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Gallery / Apartment building exteriors
« on: 2015-12-24, 17:55:53 »
Hey guys ,
here's my latest work, i hope someone likes it.

merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone , especially Corona team!

Hello guys

I thought it would be useful to have a place to share free 3D models,textures and tutorials in one place , inspired by CiroC's thread about scripts / tools (,4908.0/all.html ,awesome stuff , be sure to check it out ).

Idea is to share mostly freebies (no torrents or illegal links ).

I'll start off with sharing a few random sites for downloading free 3d models and tutorials and if things go well I'll be adding more stuff that I find useful.

3D models A great site to download mostly all kind of PRO and FREE 3d models ( requires account , daily provides 3 free 3D models ). Free high quality models Free 3D models from Talcik / Demovicova Visuals . Thanks Juraj and Veronika A lot of FREE + PRO 3d models!3d-models/c12yh Freebies from Peter Ang . Thanks Peter Ikea models Fritz Hansen furniture 3d models All kinds of 3d models

Textures Probably the best source for all kinds of free and pro textures.  + lots of very good quality textures, high resolution, some are seamless and with alpha, easy to search. - Free access is quite limited.  + good quality, high resolution, many are seamless, free. - not categorised, hard to search  + seamless, interesting subject. - kinda lowrez.

Tutorials Creating a 3D rug tutorial with free provided patch model to scatter . Can be used with Corona Scatter Probably the coolest place for all architectural CG artists

HDRI resources  Good quality HDRi (although not without keylight when used in Archviz) Lot of examples, not too high-res but pretty unique  HDRi 360/Timelapses/Textues Same as above lot of unique example, some cloud timelapses and various textures

Video resources   4K stock footage + extreme quality, free

Sound effects

I have a client that needs the model i made but since they use vray , i need to convert my materials.
Is there any script or a fast way to do this ?

Hello guys,
 i saw some good examples of water surfaces in gallery on the forum so i was wondering if someone could share their opinion on what's a good way of displacing water - noise maps , custom bitmaps etc ?

[Max] General Discussion / Fisheye lens
« on: 2015-07-03, 10:07:10 »
Hello guys , is it possible to render a fisheye images with corona ?

Something like this :

I searched through the forum and i found out about spherical rendering but that's not what i need :)

Gallery / Some of my interiors
« on: 2014-06-29, 23:41:49 »
Hello guys ,
here's a few of my images rendered with Corona.

It's nothing really impressive like other experienced users post , but I think it's getting better in time.
Any advice is more than welcome.

As I already wrote many times - Corona is AWESOME.

[Max] I need help! / reflection in DOF problem
« on: 2014-06-04, 03:21:03 »
Hey Keymaster and guys ,

I have a problem as you can see in attached screenshot. My "out of focus" Mac 3d model relects things perfectly clear (as they were if they were in focus) .

Maybe I am doing something wrong? Model problem perhaps ?

Other Mac instances in here show the same problem.

One thing not exactly related to Corona. It's more of my lack of 3dsMax general knowlege.

Few days ago I got my pc frozen when attempting to create a nice furry rug with max's Hair and Fur so I decided to open a new topic here.
It doesn't nessesairly have to be fur -  any realistic looking carpet advice would be greatly appreciated.

I see a lot of great examples of carpets and rugs in user galleries so maybe someone could be kind to share some tips ?

Anyway , Keymaster - Thanks for Corona man.

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