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C4D Picture Viewer slowdown C4D with Corona

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Hello, I noticed a strange behaviour with Cinema R23+S24 and Corona 6 hotfix2 + BigSur. No problem with Catalina that I used until now.
if I start an high resolution render (around 4000 pixel picture) to the Cinema4D Picture Viewer and leave the window on Cinema4D foreground, all Cinema4D become unresponsive with a two or three seconds LAG. If I close the window (without stop the rendering) all become responsive.
Seems that the Picture Viewer with Corona Render make the whole C4D totally unresponsive.
This behaviour was not into Catalina system but only with BigSure (clean installation).

I have this issue to all my Office Mac with BigSur (two iMacs 2020, Macbook 2016 and Macbook 2018)
Anyone got this issue?

Hi, any chance you can record a video of this happening? Does this also happen with the standard renderer? Are you able to check that too?

Hello, let me make a video happens only with Corona Renderer in action...with C4D internal render doesn't slow down the GUI...
Alex :)

Here you can take a look into the problem:

Corona Rendering engine: Take a look how the GUI become irresponsive during rendering with Picture Viewer on Foreground and when I close it in background

C4D Rendering engine: Same here but without LAG


have you tried with rendering in the Corona VFB? Does similar thing happen as well?
Additionally, is there a way to track your CPU/RAM usage when rendering with C4D/Corona? Because for a scene with Corona objects/materials, it is expected that c4d renderer will not render much of it, while Corona will.



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