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opacity mask problem

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I'm rendering a yoghurt pot. I want to create an opacity map so the top of the yoghurt fades away to transparency over a short distance. I have created this as a black and white map in Photoshop, blurred it, and applied it to the opacity channel. I'm getting an ugly darkening at the transparent edge of the mask. This doesn't happen if the map is not blurred.

This pic demonstrates the problem, to exaggerate it I've created a map with castellations.

How can I fix this and have the edge fading to transparency cleanly?

Anyone care to comment?

idk and from description, undefined
so start by providing your test scene.

otherwise, does this look fine?

16bpc EXR used for opacity / Pixel values show no darkening

& Here's version using jpg for opacity.

No PS here, I'm using GIMP ;)

yours looks fine yes

my material is uv mapped to a slightly conical shape, could you try yours that way?

looking at mine, I can't see the darkening on the inside of the pot shape at the back, only on the front faces


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