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Viewport slow [solved]

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Is there anything known regarding Viewport slowdowns ?

When I switch from 4 Views to a single view and back, I can't see anything for serveral seconds.
(Such slowdowns do not happen with other renderers)

Windows 10 / R21 / Corona 6 (stable)

best, index


does this happen on an empty scene as well? If not, can you provide some information (especially the scale and size of the project) about the scene?

Thank you,

If it does this even in an empty scene id suggest trying to cleanup your computer a bit and comparing your computer specs to what c4d recommends to run the program.

If its a scene with objects and models in it, try display > level of detail > medium or low AND/OR Display>OpenGL.

Open GL may make it slower but its worth a shot.

this is not a slow system... its a 3970x + 128gb + nvme
also these slow viewport changes do not happen with other renderers
the scene is not particularly large.. it is 350mb
maybe this is caused by scripting tags, i'll do a test on this later today.

ok, i did some tests... and then even more tests....

sorry, this is probably scene and not corona related !


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