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VFB on Mac window size and zoom problems

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Will there ever be a fix for the zoom buttons and window size using the VFB on a mac?

If I'm rendering a hi-res image, the VFB opens at a huge size, so I can't resize the window, as the corner to drag is off screen. I can zoom in and out using the buttons, but can't zoom out to see the whole image, or scroll left and right using the scroll bar, as the scroll bar is off screen.

Yes, I would agree its a bit clunky.

There should be a simple zoom to fit that works - and be the default (in my opinion) for whatever sized the VFB happens to be. I've started using the Viewport IPR more and more for the live previewing.

While it doesn't negate the request, this can make life easier in the meantime - the Max Resolution can be set for the VFB, to ensure that if you are rendering to a final size larger than your monitor, the VFB doesn't expand to that size on using IR.

PS - this is not just a Mac thing, the same request applies to Windows :)

That does help thank you. I've obviously skimmed past that setting :-)

Most welcome! I use it all the time myself (but I too would still like the VFB to act like in Max, where it can be resized as needed whatever size the final render is going to be ;) )


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