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CXR saving in picture viewer support

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I  just realized that "CXR saving in picture viewer" disappeared from the trello board
I didn't yet install/activate my Corona 3 final, but wonder if it made it into this release.
It used to be on the roadmap for C 3, but now it's not mentioned anymore.

The ability to select CXR in render settings is such an important feature for users that send jobs to render farms and need to get a .cxr file back .

Oh no, it didn't disappear, it was moved to the "big ideas" pile.... Sorry, missed that.
Does that mean it turned into a big "maybe not"?

Does anybody have an idea for a workaround if you need a .cxr file from a render farm?

I currently looking to do the same thing.  Being able to save CXR and do denoising on a machine later would be a huge help.  Any thoughts on when this might be released?

i also hoped this would make it into the release...
perfection would be if renderfarms like rebus would be able to deliver cxr files

Hi jojorender and everyone!

we ran into severe technical limitations here, so we decided to do some more research before starting to work on the CXR saving feature. We definitely want to have it in, because it's such an important and oft-requested feature, but it will need some more time.


After submitting this feature request by email, I've just noticed this thread. Are there any updates on this?

Saving to CXR a single image or an image-sequence, and then using Image Editor is an amazingly productive archviz workflow. As others noted, having the ability to save CXR from Picture Viewer would be a major milestone, opening doors to e.g. use RebusFarm and more. I think it really should be on top of the priority list.

Thanks in advance,
Márton Lente


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