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propagate reflection/refraction


is there a specific limit, on how much elements the "propagate masks" feature is working?
I tried the latest build of corona 7 (april 21.) and still get this behaviour, that after a few objects containing the specific material, the mask is appearing again.

Short Testing: issue appeared after 5 Elements (with 2 sides) ... so in general 10 transitions.
Is there some value in rendersettings which has an influence on this number?

Should be "Performance Settings" -> "Max ray depth".

Good Luck

No that makes no difference... its 25 by default. increasing it up to 100 is still showing noise after 5 elements (10 intersections)

Frood just answered your question: the max ray depth parameter affects how far a ray can travel. If you set it to a lower value (try with 1,2,3...) you will see how it works.
Unfortunately I do not fully understand what kind of help you need here. Can you explain what exactly you are trying to do and what is happening?

It's actually quite simple...
there is a floor object (red) and a background object (green)

and boxes with glass material and set to propagate masks through refraction (blue)
max-ray-depth is standard 25.

so the propagate masks through refraction works up to 5 boxes in a row.
with 6 or more boxes you get blue noise through refraction (where theoretical should be none)
the noise increases with more boxes in a row.

If i reduce the "max-ray-depth" below 10 (with 5 boxes) the noise is gone and the refraction is solid blue ( the box which is behind the max ray-depth - so if max raydepth is set to 8, the 5th box appears solid blue, the other 4 before are propagate mask through refraction)

since standard max-ray-depth is set to 25 ... the mask-noise shouldn't appear after 5 objects/boxes


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