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Corona Renderer 7 for 3ds Max - Daily Builds Changelog

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* Fixed CIE to correctly apply B&G in case of cubemap panoramic renders.
* Fixed rare issue where B&G might not be updated in VFB
* Fixed crash in Aperture dialog when it is destroyed and update is still running
* Fixed crash related to using map hierarchy with multiple fall off textures connected to each other
* Fixed Corona Scatter not to crash in case of spline scattering with zero frequency set to models
* Displacement:
* Normal displacement is now properly clamped in 2.5d displacement - only [0, 1] interval from the map is considered
* Fixed incorrect handling of blend material with empty sub-slots. When one of the 2 submaterials is now missing, the default wire color material will be properly displayed.
* Uninstaller
* Corona uninstaller now removes installation info from registry
* Added an error window which is shown when the uninstaller fails to restart in an elevated mode


* Added new grounds up PBR material - CoronaPhysicalMaterial
* Renamed CoronaMaterial to CoronaLegacyMaterial
* There should be no change in existing maxscript which uses CoronaMaterial
* Fix of "No sockets could be bound!" DR failure
* Fixed memory leak when rendering hair


* CoronaPhysicalMaterial changes
* Fixed the bug where multiple warnings may spawn when selecting a new preset value
* Improved metalness tooltip to inform about the texture values
* Displacement
* Added support for light emission from displaced geometry
* Added support for fast mode of rounded edges when displacement is enabled


* CoronaPhysicalMaterial changes
* Fixed problems (extreme memory consumption and crashes) caused by too low roughness value of sheen in Physical material
* General Bugfixes
* Fixed saving a render to disk (png,tif,tga) saving Alpha channel as black when Sharpening/Blurring is enabled


* Optimizations
* Significantly improved rendering quality for scenes far away from origin by internally shifting the scene so the camera sits at origin. No changes to scenes are needed.
* Improved the High Quality denoiser speed by 20% on average, up to 60% in extreme cases
* Optimization of multiple transparent hits resolving - achieves up to 30% speedup in scenes with opacity and media
* Global medium is now enclosed by a sphere - which should result in more predictable and consistent behavior. This also fixes the following:
* Fixed: CoronaVolumeGrid bounding box always visible when rendered inside a global volume material
* Fixed: Visible border when using global volume material
* Fixed: CoronaVolumeMaterial casting incorrect shadows when set as global volume material
* Fixed: Artifacts caused by many overlapping volumetrics
* General Bugfixes
* Fixed extreme parsing times in scenes with large numbers of instances and displacement (introduced in earlier v7 daily builds)
* Fix crashes on second render of a scene with some specific material configuration
* Fixed issue in CoronaDisplacementMod where displacement map was not taken from the material, even if it was requested
* Fixed image texture cache. This improves memory usage when the same image file is referenced multiple times using different file paths (e.g. when symlinks are involved).
This also resulted in some internal changes which unfortunately break backwards compatibility of the Corona Standalone exports.
* Corona Standalone now gives a more relevant error message when trying to load a file of unsupported version.
* Enabled PhoenixFD Foam and Particle maps in the material editor
* Toolbar/Quad Menus
* Actions on the Corona Toolbar have been renamed and reordered to be more unified (applies only after deletion of the toolbar in Main Menu > Customize User Interface > Toolbars; or for new Corona installs).
* Removed old Corona usermacros - as a result, user-defined menus entries/quad menu entries/toolbar items which use those macros will not work anymore. They can be safely removed from the UI and replaced by entries executing actions exported by our C++ action system (available since Corona 6), which are better integrated to 3ds Max


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