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Corona Renderer 7 for 3ds Max - Daily Builds Changelog

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* Improved sky model
* Fixed new sky model being black below horizon in orthographic cameras
* Corona converter
* Fixed more problems when converting with having V-Ray 4 installed
* When reporting problematic materials to maxscript listener, each material is now printed on a separate line, to improve readability
* General
* Added support for rendering newer Ornatrix objects
* Fixed artifacts in the bloom & glare effect in some cases with very bright lights
* Fixed some entries in viewport right click menu being disabled the first time this menu is open in a 3ds Max session
* Fixed crash during 3ds Max startup when a Corona licensing log file cannot be opened for some reason


* Improved sky model
* Fixed green/magenta tint in the new improved sky model volumetric effect when computed for short distances (under 200 meters)
* Reintroduced fake horizon blur for Improved sky model. Default horizon blur is now 0, since the blurring should be controlled by the physically correct altitude parameter.
* Corona converter
* Fixed an issue with reflection parameters not being computed correctly when reflection map, IoR map or both were plugged to the original material.
* Fixed asserts during conversion of some scenes in certain 3ds Max versions
* Fixed “convert by class” not working for 3ds Max physical material
* Fixed conversion not preserving the “show background in preview” option
* Conversion now preserves material ID channel
* Conversion from VRay2SidedMtl to CoronaPhysicalMtl now produces simpler shading networks
* Polished the UI
* General
* Bucket rendering disabled for IR, because in some cases it is still too visually distracting.
* Buckets are still enabled in production rendering after 5 passes, and in DR/Backburner/command line render from the render start, to get better performance. We'll experiment with IR buckets more in v8 to get some better solution.
* Fixed render to texture not working
* Fixed crash when using Forest Pack version 6
* Fixed excessive rendering times and RAM usage in some corner cases caused by refraction
* Fixed some checkbox labels being clipped in the render settings dialog
* Added tooltip to randomization mode of MultiMap and UvwRandomizer mode, explaining that the "Instance" randomization is based on a node name and will change when the node is renamed
* Added warning when proxy contains corrupted normals which cause it to render differently depending on whether the “keep in RAM” checkbox is checked.EDIT:

* Material Library
* Added 13 new metal materials
* Added 13 new masonry materials
* Added 9 new wood materials
* All new materials are built upon the new physical material
* Converted existing carpets, ceramic tiles, concrete and flooring materials to the new physical material
* Note that this might result in a slightly different visual result, however existing scenes based on the previous versions of material library will be unaffected


* General
* Fixed objects with displacement disappearing in IR if you immediately resize the VFB during parsing
* Fixed possible crashes occurring when VRayBitmap is plugged as density map in Corona Scatter.
* Corona converter
* Fixed environment mapping type being changed when converting from CoronaBitmap to 3ds Max Bitmap


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