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You can ignore safety error.
It's mcr file, not rar or exe. It's uploaded to dropbox as my other scripts and people download them without problems.

It doesn't give me an option to dismiss the warning. I tried chrome(including incognito mode) and edge browsers. Even tried from my phone - still can't get access. It might be related to provider could blocking suspicious address somehow i'm not sure...
PS Succeeded with switching to 3g from phone   

Jake Williams:
As far as new features go, I'm looking for a script that would have re-pathing options included too. One of my favorite scripts Zoa Path Editor has an option for Vray Proxies and I was hoping to find something similar for Corona. Think you could include that as a new feature or try editing the Zoa Path Editor script?

Actually I canceled development for now because I can't see any interested users.
Even I don't use this lister :D

Instead I'll try to edit Zoa editor for you. It's not encrypted

Jake Williams:
Great news, looking forward to it


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