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Download script
Drag .mcr to viewport. Find "Corona Proxy Lister" in "Corona Render" category and put it to menu or toolbar.

This is v1, so you can find some bugs, and probably you will. Let me know and I'll fix it.

All proxy parameters are changing for proxies selected in list only.
"Update list" button - Collect all proxies in the scene and update list. Script should do it automatically when: new scene is opened, object deleted, scene merged.
"AutoSelect" checkbutton - If enabled then proxies selected in scene will be selected in list. Use when you want to control only proxies selected in viewport.
"Affect All" checkbutton - Selects all proxies in list if pressed. Use when you want to control all proxies in the scene.

"Proxies:" counter - Number of all proxies objects in the scene.
"Unique:" conter - Number of unique proxies in the scene (gets only one instance per proxy).

"Ram cache" and so on - Proxy parameters (Captain Obvious).

"Select" button - Select highlighted proxies objects in the scene (hidden objects are ignored).
"Hide" button - Hide highlighted proxies.
"Show" button - Show highlighted proxies.

Limitations for v1.0:
- Dialog can't be resized
- List always sorted by proxy filename.
- You can reorder columns if you want, but script won't remember it.


I´d like to try your script but after install I have this error below

How can I fix it???


Answer is on screenshot :) Oh, I've made mzp file. My bad.
Can you find file in Scripts folder?

Does this Script really works? It would be so useful but I cant install it and even when I created the "NikScripts" Folder and copied the file and change the name for "" it still doesnt work. I'm using Max 2016 and Corona 1.5

I will fix it in 10 minutes.

UPD. Done. Sorry, mzp files are so stupid. I made simple .mcr file


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