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So Keymaster, Rawa... Can you share with us what's coming up next? After A4 what is the target for next alpha? Are you going now for some hardcore features now?(SSS, Hair, Volumetrics..) Or is there more work in optimizations or some other features etc? Is there something already in the works? Share some magic you're doing now :D

It is starting to be a real pain to be forced to work with other slower and less intuitive renderers due to the fact that they are still the main ones used by studios etc...

Love you all :D... L

Ludvik Koutny:
Only Keymaster makes these decisions. I proposed that focus of A5 should be fast and flickerfree animation.

Or maybe a beer?! to celebrate;)!

" I proposed that focus of A5 should be fast and flickerfree animation." So in that sense it would mean more work on GI(HDcache) maybe DR and possibly image and texture filtering right?...

I want to primarily do SSS/participating media/interactive rendering. I might try DR, but that would probably mean next alpha would be after another half a year, and I want to make faster releases. I will probably also take a swing at HDcache, which can help solve this animation issue


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