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Gamma setting

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Maybe someone already did ask about this, where is the gamma post production setting gone?
It was very very usefull!
For interior or exterior light the gamma correction is very important i think, can we bring it back???

you have to change the ui type in About corona renderer from prodution de devel/dedug, then you will found it in development/experimental stuff

Ludvik Koutny:
It is generally not intended as a means of artistic correction. Proper workflow would be to render more brighter washed out image and add contrast in postprocess phase ;)

yep, linear workflow is not optional ;)

Thanks for reply, I will check, anyway as Rawalanche said the proper process has to be done in post but sometime is quick and easy make it in the max viewport also it will help to understand better the image.
I did it find so clever and simple compare with the other famous engine.
Thanks again


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