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Ludvik Koutny:

i know it has been a long time since any update here on the forum and that it seems quite dead. The reason that there has been so few updates is that we have been working very hard to reach beta phase.

Beta phase means Corona will have all the basic feature set necessary for production use at least in visualization segment. We have implemented a lot of features and currently focus on stabilizing them. Once that is done, beta version will be released. Beta phase will be focused on making Corona as stable and bug free as possible and prepare it for final release.

Currently, following features are implemented and being stabilized:

- Render elements with ability to be properly outputted and also saved as EXR channels. Crucial elements like matte element have been added to allow proper use of alpha masking based on material IDs, object IDs and custom selections.

- Area light directionality feature (similar you may know from Vray renderer) which allows you to gradually change light distribution of area light from diffuse to spotlight distribution.

- Bokeh lens effect for DoF has been added.

- Motion blur has been added.

- Material layering has been added via support of Blend material.

- Added custom material editor previews for more convenient material tweaking in material editor.

- Micro-triangle displacement has been added

Here are some pictures. Many of them don't look neat or impressive, but most of them were rendered with development build with no optimization (20-50 times slower than final build), which is very slow, so many of them are noisy, or have high rendertimes. In public build, those features should work fast and handle complex scenes, so don't judge based on these pictures, they are just a little sneak peek ;)

Render elements:

Matte element

Area light directionality:


Motion blur:

Material layering:

Material editor previews:


you made my day :)

nice, thanks for your work.

Corona mask is really great render element!
thank you!

Great Work.

What`s next for corona?..., what`s the roadmap?.., any aprox. date for the next release alpha or maybe a beta?

Thanks and keep going with the fantastic work!


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