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Caustics, refraction, glass questions.

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--- Quote from: AnubisMe on 2013-03-10, 17:58:20 ---IBL? From reading a lot of the posts people seem to mention a lot of things that I have not seen with the Corona render? are they hidden?

--- End quote ---
Put HDRI texture in enviroment and no more light.

yeah I already had a HDRI in the scene under Corona environment, so your saying its best not to use Corona lights with HDRI then?

yes, only HDRI! My work form the gallery, there is only HDRI:;topic=452.0;attach=1779;image

that looks incredible! Yes that is the type of quality, and look I am going for.

Also I am curious to what you guys use for brushed metal? do you use a high IOR or low?


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