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Caustics, refraction, glass questions.

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Hi all. I am trying to design a perfume bottle and wondering a couple things. Does Corona support caustics yet? And if so how do I go about activating them. Also whats the best way to give glass that thickness look, I am still confused about when to use solid face vs thin faces. Also in vray there was the fog setting in material to change colour settings of say water ect. is there anything like that in corona that I am overlooking?

thanks in advanced.

caustics are always there, only sometimes they get clamped. You can set maximal sample intensity to 0 to get unbiased result, but you will probably get some fireflies. There are other algorithms for rendering caustics, but not in public beta, you'll have to wait for alpha 4 (1-2 weeks).

Use solid glass, thin is for windows.

There is absorption parameter in coronamtl working like vray fog

This is about how far I have got playing around with the glass. I am not sure what I am missing so far, but I have seen a lot stronger results in the gallery.

My aim is to make something like this:'Artisan/seville-a-l'aube.jpg

At this stage, only the GI caustics possible. Use IBL!

IBL? From reading a lot of the posts people seem to mention a lot of things that I have not seen with the Corona render? are they hidden?


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