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CoronaImageBatch doesn't work properly with Corona 10


Waseem Dabbas:

I've been using CoronaImageBatch which downloaded from this link
it automatically saves all CXR format files into Jpg format at once, but in Corona version 10 it seems doesn't work, it works for only the first image in the folder path
Does anyone encounter this problem? Are there any solutions found?


Aram Avetisyan:

Sorry for the delay in communication.

I have just run the batch file (after creating copies of the same "Sample.cxr" file) and everything run as expected.
For which version of Corona it worked for you but does not work for Corona 10?
I have tested with Corona 10 HF1 and everything is fine.
It can be slower though than Corona 7 e.g. - this is a known thing and we have is reported.
Maybe it takes much time to process the first image (with possibly many render elements) and to go to the next one and it just appears that CoronaImageBatch is stuck at the first image?


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