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Coming back to Corona


Hi guys, I've used Corona before, but have been using Vray for the last few years, in which time I think the merger/buyout happened. I guess the last version I used was probably 5? Would have been at the start of 2018 and I can't remember whether we were on the latest version by then.

I've landed a new job and the studio uses Corona, so wondered if anyone has any thoughts on differences between the two. I know these are probably few and far between since the merger, but interested to hear what adjustments you made to your workflow since adopting Corona.

I just finished a project using VRScenes as a kind of Xref, worked well, but this seems like one notable omission (maybe I'm wrong here, I know there's the .cdo filetype, can this just be loaded through a Corona Proxy object?)

Just the usual thoughts - corona is still more straightforward, slightly quicker (usually), and looks nicer (subjectively).
Lots of the updates that have happened in V-ray have also happened in corona (chaos scatter, cosmos, enmesh/pattern, decal etc.)
Some of the more pipeline based tools available in V-ray may not be in corona though, and yes, you'd better go back to using x-refs. And dont bother asking for GPU implementation :)

Neil Cross:
Check the roadmap. You will be able to see what features have been added in each release.

no difference except the material (Corona Physical Material)i think corona does better than vray


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