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Corona 10 Blog article, question about limitations


Towards the end of the article at:

..., under limitations, it says:

If a light is placed inside a medium, the caustics solver (Max | C4D) will ignore the absorption of the medium for caustics generated outside of it. Observe how the blue glass ball is casting non-blue caustics when the light is inside it.

and provides an example:

Is this something you guys are working to address in time for the release of Corona 10? It seems like a pretty large shortcoming.

It is not being addressed in Corona 10, sorry - you can see the items planned for 10 in . From our side, this is a pretty niche situation that wouldn't occur often  as it doesn't really represent any set up in the real world (if a light was inside a blue sphere, the sphere would be hollow and the light would not be inside the glass media but outside it still).

You can place your light inside a tiny "bubble", for example using the Corona Slicer -
Be sure to exclude the light object from the slicer, otherwise the light will get sliced too. :)
Then it *should* work fine (I haven't tested it though).


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