Author Topic: Endless Engines Community Challenge  (Read 413 times)

2023-03-12, 22:46:43


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I didn't find out about this challenge until two weeks ago, but I managed to get something together by the deadline. It's put on by Clint Jones (goes by pwnisher online), formerly of Corridor Crew. Great YouTube channel if you haven't checked it out. They break down all sorts of VFX shots with industry experts, have their own in-house challenges and great how-to videos. Any way, Clint has does these in the past where he provides a starter scene with some elements that needs to stay mostly intact, but you can do anything within that space. Their are only 120 frames and he strings them together into a super long collage. Then they pick the top 100, then the top 10 for prizes. I didn't have much time to put into this, so I chose a theme where I didn't have to rig a car or character, mostly straight out of Corona v10 daily. I added a little smoke and exhaust fire FX in AE. I also chose a nostalgic theme, at least here in America. The young Boy Scouts will make these wooden cars called Pinewood Derby with a kit and certain parameters and race them against the other scouts' cars. Gravity only so they have to think about aerodynamics and weight distribution. I built these cars based on the cars I helped my son build. The red one got second place overall.

This is my entry. This clip loops four times. My idea was the cars are racing on their own when nobody is around. Fun and good practice. If you search YouTube for Endless Engines, many of posted their entries. Lots of creative stuff.

You might have to copy and paste this link. This forum never likes these links for some reason. Just delete that space.

vimeo. com/807178794