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Corona Bump is so broken

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It plays a part in what is decided, yes. But only a part, and there will be other reasons that play into what gets selected and what doesn't. That said your examples are about the worst to pick :) e.g. rewriting code to work on GPU is a massive undertaking, which obviously is a big negative against developing that, no matter how many vote for it. But always vote for what you want regardless of that, and know it does have an effect on what gets picked.


--- Quote from: Aram Avetisyan on 2023-05-22, 23:57:10 ---We had this logged a while ago, in multiple ways/tasks.
Be sure that it is logged, and your votes can push it closer to better chances of actual implementation.
You can add/vote for it here:

(Internal ID=494856762)

--- End quote ---

I don't see this in the list. And I don't see a way of adding other items to the list.


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