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Juinior / Mid-Level Position at iamstatic


Hello there, is looking for a talented 3d generalist with a focus on lighting to join our team in Toronto.  In this role you should have the enthusiasm to work in a product rendering pipeline, with the drive to grow and learn beyond that role.  You will work with an experienced team to help deliver high quality renderings while meeting deadlines.  Working at iamstatic you will be exposed to many disciplines and art practices to grow your skills.

This role can be a hybrid between home and studio work. We feel strongly about in person collaboration and the magic that can happen between team members, so applications with the ability to be partly in the studio will be prioritized.

Junior to intermediate.

Key Responsibilities:

- A good knowledge of basic photography, lighting and compositional skills.
- An eye for product rendering, matching photographic references.
- Working with a creative director to match our lighting standards.
- Knowledgeable in CAD file data clean up, retopology,  and keeping 3ds Max scenes organized.
- Creating shaders and updating material libraries.
- Compositing and touchup work on final renders.
- Good time management, with the ability to communicate with producers and project managers.

- Experience with 3ds Max, Corona or Vray.
- Photoshop with knowledge of Nuke a plus.
- Experience in real-time rendering and UE5.
- Animation experience or the drive to learn is a plus.

Apply at the following:

*If there any questions feel free to post here and I will respond.


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