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Corona 8 round edges

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Dear Corona team, I really don't understand the logic behind removing the “Legacy behavior” checkbox from the round edges map in corona 8.

It is a useful feature for many users as already discussed on forum when round edges behavior was first changed in Corona 1.6. 
Workaround for this is to use map from older scenes but why complicate.
In my opinion the checkbox was not only there to keep compatibility with older versions but as great additional feature to round edges map.
Instead of removing it I suggest renaming it to "ignore overlapping edges" or something similar.

Please consider this for some hotfix for Corona 8.Thanks!

Thanks, we have this logged with multiple possibilities such as bringing back the "legacy" checkbox or adding this as a regular feature.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1559)

Yes please :)

Please # !!!
Agree with Marijan, the legacy behavior should be a feature!

It would be really helpful to have the legacy option, as a lot of times the 3d models of the buildings are not clean, and with the new option there are a lot of round edges where there should not be.
The legacy option solved this easily, the other option is to remodel the objects :/


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