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Would just PT not be able to do this in both solver slots?

I am now rendering out nth frames and saving the HC cache. I am not sure what you do once its saved, does the PT get tinergrated into the cache and you can switch that off when rendering finals?
Also is there any way of animating the focus distance in Dof?


--- Quote from: airflow on 2012-11-25, 01:01:19 ---Also is there any way of animating the focus distance in Dof?

--- End quote ---

umm, animate camera target?

The idea how to do it is:
1) set HD cache to higher quality (tune the settings)
2) render 1 frame from the middle of the animation with "save GI" checked on. A dump of the cache gets created on the disk
3) revert HD cache settings, uncheck save GI, check Load GI.
4) render the whole animation with this settings (and PT+HD as primary/secondary GI)
5) pray it works ;))

I know that is not user-friendly or optimal, interiror animations are currently the biggest unfinished issue of Corona. Hopefully I'll have time to look into it later.

Never worked , still flickers. The only way to do it is to use PT and set it to about 30 mins a frame and leave my pc on for a month.


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