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Pool setup - mesh and materials

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I am testing "basic pool visualization". I am wondering, what is the best way to prepare pool setup? Mesh and Materials...

In Attachment you can find very very basic setup - just compare of Solid and Thin mesh combined with Solid and Thin material...

Thin mtl - is great because it lets in light, but doesnot refract.
Solid mtl - is great because it refract the inside, but doesnot let in lights..

What is best setup or crossover in this case? Or perhaps am I fogeting some settings (enable nonimplemented caustics) or setup?

I would apriciate it like here:

or in attachment "test8dlazba" --very oold test render of unfinished project...which i am finishin now in corona, so the pool model would be the very same...
Thnaks oltskul

You should definitely use single-faced water + one-sided material. But it wont let through light from outside, you will need PPM or PM to render it... or wait until I finish other methods to deal with this situation. Or create the lights under the water, such lights will work fine ;)

OK, let mi fake the shit out of it :P

I will more than gladly wait, anyway, it is still alpha.

I bet you already know that but you should think with surfaces, not volumes. So for any kind of water it is best to use single sided surface and solid refraction model. The best exercise to learn about surfaces and IORs is to model a simple glass willed to half with water/tea/wine /whatever. I'll upload an image connected with it and a crappy pool setup I used in one render.

About water not passing light through: you can disable shadows in water surface's settings, but generally it's something you shouldn't do. And still no caustics.

OK, after on hour making box and sphere - corona spitted out caustics :)
(over TeamViewer on my notsosmartphone)

so anway, lets go and fake the lights & caustics (


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