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Hello, I'm lurker on this forum, also on many more about cgi. I am in bussines for another software,but like to see gallery and get inspired.
One day I'll change to corna and share something with community.

I have suggestion for forum gallery
There is a lot of "bad" projects, people who still learning about 3d and rendering,or just lazy people. And post obvious unfinished project in gallery.
With 10000 things that shoud be fixed, beginner mistakes, or stuff that they just dont give a f**k. And just post it... And that's not cool. +bad representation for your engine...

I'm suggesting something like blender artist . org forum.
Forum gallery that represent ony best project on forum selected by moderator. And next to wip, finished project with everything in it.

That might be a good idea, however we already have and Facebook posts about "the" gallery entries. :)
We don't want to discourage anyone from posting in our gallery, and we are counting on constructive feedback if the image requires some extra work.

Actually there is representetive gallery already: It wasn't refreshed from Corona's commercial release i think, so it's a nice reminder for admins to do so, as there was really stunning artworks in the forum over time.

As for the forum gallery, i don't think it needs stronger moderation than it gets now. Everyone has different quality standards and it's not up to moderators to tell people where to post things. Ocassionally we can move some works that are obviously unfinished, but that's about it. I don't think we need stronger moderation. And if you want to see only handpicked material, you can visit Corona's facebuk page:

Ah crap, ninjad again, down to the single link... :]

Don't worry, the website gallery will be updated soon[tm].

we have 10GB worth of images from users with permissions to use stored currently, new web is ready, it will be released when I have some spare time ;)


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