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[C4D] Feature Requests / Corona lister (as in max)
« on: 2023-03-07, 13:41:24 »
as title says, the new corona lister 2.0 in max corona v10 betas seems very useful! for cameras, lights and as i see soon for proxies also-

hope this comes also to Corona betas:)

max lister 2.0 thread:

in c4d usually when one copies an object(with materials and textures applied) into a scene, c4d gives a message and asks if it shall gather the textures and place a copy inside the projects "tex" folder.

when using corona this sadly doesn't happen, and one has either manually collect and copy the textures, or make sure one has set a search texture path to this location(which is slow in c4d).

if would be great and an extreme time saver if also corona woudl have this c4d typical behaviour, and ask for copied in the textures automatically.
as far i remember this are only a very few lines added to the material, to trigger that feature from c4d.

i hope i was bale to explain it clear


the new v10 curve editing in vfb is nice for fast and rough editing,  but for precise fine tuning it is very/too small i think,
pls give an option to open it in an separate bigger window as in older versions.

our workflow relies heavily on very precise edited curves, with the new layout this is hardly doable.


[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Curvature shader broken in opacity?
« on: 2022-12-12, 23:47:46 »
as title says, same setting work sin base, but not in opacity slot.
any idea?

seems like a bug?
corona windows r25, v9 rc2

i realized that corona AO(dirt) reacts to the corona displacement. is there a way that it affects only the undisplaced geometry?

for how i used it it isnt desired to have it also on displaced fine parts

thx for help!

the daily build v9 crashes sadly are still in v9 final, which is a bit of pain. i have several per day, sometimes every few minutes in IPR.

where was the point to send the mini dump and bug report? i prepared a zip fro your devs and hope they can isolate the source of this and fix


Edit: alone 5x in last hour on an arch project. most time when i copy an object or instance, or camera, and then move it (with IPR on).


the last daily crashes here on r25 windows at rendering. this is at existing scenes  i made with older coronas (fresh work)

sadly i cant find the older corona beta 9 as i have a scene with clouds made with it?

[C4D] Daily Builds / sky with clouds thread
« on: 2022-09-01, 21:25:38 »

first of all, thanks a lot for implementing the great new Chaos sky!
my first tests are very exiting already:)

a first question comes up, the clouds cast shadows option like in v-ray, will that come? i miss that yet in the options and results seem without yet.


Dear Users,

as it just came up in the forum, i want to highlight here our plugin UV splinemapper, that we also use as inhouse tool for c4d uv mapping.
basically it can deform UVW maps easy with a c4d spline. no bodypaint or other UV tools needed, which makes many things a lot faster and easier for us

we use it for architectural elements, walls, streets, as well for furniture mapping.

the resulting UVW is a plain normal UV tag then, and also works on any other pc in any engine without the need to have the plugin installed.
it works on polygonal and also curved elements

here an example screen shot:

and here the tool in our 3dtools. info shop:


[C4D] Feature Requests / render vray 6(5) materials?
« on: 2022-08-24, 15:02:22 »
Hi All,

a wish that would make our 3d life and work flow a lot easier:

if corona would be able to render v-ray native materials (from v5 or 6), at least standard ones.

the materials and also most shaders seem to me very similar in settings for many things, even if the look would be here and there different i think this would boost the chaos platform more.

as far i see this works partly in 3dsmax already?
that said also an export to vantage would be very welcome


[C4D] Feature Requests / sky with clouds (like in vray 6)
« on: 2022-06-16, 00:30:18 »
as vray5 did get the nice new corona sky,
i hope corona 9 gets the great new cloud feature from vray? :)


as title says, i hope will be like scatter a tool for both engines:)

maybe it can make it into corona 9 ? :)

here i made a small setup for this:

just place the hdri you want in the corona sky object,
it will auto load the same in the c4d sky object and show it in the editor, hope this helps:)


love cosmos,
BUT: as the new physical mat has always a white reflection and no way to dimm it, many cosmos objects have way too reflective materials.
they come in with ior 1.6 or even 2 for many trees p.e.

- so please either bring back a way to reduce reflection manually,
- OR psl add a way that the cosmos libraries translate better with the new corona material, meaning very low ior values:)



for some reason here, when i use chaos scatter in my scene, in IR every camera move initiated a full scene parsing.
i guess/ hope this is a bug.

can you check that, as the scene and scatter not changes in relation to camera i think it should not need a new parsing of the scene, that makes IR not interactive any more. As soon i hide the scatter objects, IR is interactive gain without re- parsing the scene.

Or do i oversee something?

thanks for help!

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