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Hi Forum,

Just finished a simple cap with a logo on the front, this is all geometry, not a decal. I have textured up the cap with simple colours and displacements. The client wants to use this in a program called Sparks AR and they need it exported as FBX or DAE. Is this possible, never had to export before so would need some Jedi help please :-)

[C4D] I need help! / NVIDIA Missing DLL
« on: 2023-11-06, 18:59:28 »
Hi Support,

Since upgrading to the latest 11 version, I'm getting this error (sure a lot of people are). I have a Gforce RTX2080 Studio card in my laptop with 64GB ram & Windows 11 Pro. All Nvidia drivers are up-to-date. How do I make this annoying message go away every time I use IR rendering? Looked at the link but still a bit baffled, thanks, John :-)

Hi Forum & Team Corona,

Good work on release 10 :-)... I have a question regarding purchased material packs (Siger & 3D Tools). The carpaint materials in Siger take some time to update once imported into the scene before it is actually finished previewing in the material tab. 3D Tools layered materials, which are fantastic btw, good work Stefan L btw, take almost 5mins to bring in. I saw on your promo video 3D Max will have a faster material workflow. Will this come to C4D? Is there a way to speed this up in C4D? If I have a tight deadline, I can't be held back by slow materials loading and making everything sluggish. Please let me know if there is some kinda workflow config I could do :-) John

Hi Team Corona!

Just curious, at the moment if i want to have visible light cones on stage lights I have to create a cone and add volumetrics. Will there be a Corona light that does this automatically and renders faster in the future? Would be amazing if possible :-)

Hi Forum,

Happy Friday! Thought I'd post here about TGS brilliant Texture Manager 2, a totally amazing texture manager for all your PBR materials. It creates all the channels (diffusion, normal, displacement, etc) in one simple click. I have the whole CGAxis library and to create a lib manually would take month! Takes a bit of time to render the previews but very good as a central hub for all your textures. Well worth 49 euros! For Corona I did find you have to remove the reflection search strings to get the right previews.

Hi Team Corona,

Hope you have had a good week all :-). I'm working on a big architectural job and wanted to create some initial b/w floor plan sketches/drawings. I love the wire shader but would love to be able to use something similar to toon render creating brush/pencil drawings. I tried using the toon C4D with native but soooooooooooooooooooooo slow it hurts. Would love to have something similar with Corona. Have a good weekend all :-) John

[C4D] I need help! / Double Sided Decal
« on: 2022-09-29, 16:48:33 »
Hi Forum!

I have a scene with a frosted glass panel with a logo decal on the front. Is there a simple way to make the back white or coloured? When you view the panel from the back you see the logo in reverse wich i dont want. See attached at the top. Many Thanks :-) John

[C4D] I need help! / How the hell do I use the Pattern?!
« on: 2022-09-15, 23:36:26 »
Hi Forum,

Having a go at the Pattern but can not work it out!? I am tired so this does not help but will there be a C4D tutorial soon? Thanks :-) John

[C4D] I need help! / No licence available!? WTF!!!!
« on: 2022-08-15, 12:01:46 »
Hi Corona, just opened my PC to start work and can't activate my licence. Logged into my Chaos licence server and no licence is available, just paid for my monthly! Need to start work ASAP so need this sorted quick time please.

Hi Forum!

Hope you are all well. I have a question on animation. I just tried doing a single frame test lowering the GI/AA balance to 8 and Light Samples Multiplier to 1 and it has shaved render time from 11min to 6min. It looks acceptable, hardly much in it. How does this affect a animation? Will it flicker/patchy if I send it to a render farm? Any advice would be much appreciated :-) Thanks John

Hi Forum! Having a play with Chaos Scatter and like it a lot. I am testing it on a job I've just finished were I used mograph object to scatter trees. With mograph I can make all the trees face upwards or straight. I cant figure out how it's done with scatter. See the attached screen grab, looks weird with trees facing in weird directions.  How do i do this? Any help welcome :-) Thanks, John

Hi Forum!

Might be a dumb question but were have the LUTs gone? Had a render done and looks cold. Not applying LUT I used in previous build. Thanks, John. Apart from that, great stable release BTW, I'm happy :-)

[C4D] I need help! / New Curvature Shader Tutorial...
« on: 2022-02-12, 12:28:15 »
Hi Team Corona!

Are you going to make one of you legendary tuts on the new Curvature Shader? Struggeling to understand how to use it :-) John

Hi Forum & Happy New Year All!

I have a venue which was only meant to be rendered as stills and it is very detailed. Now the client wants a animation done. It is dark with lots of lights. Is there a good way to set up Corona to render faster but with less detail to get the times per frames down? Is it best to reduce polys on all objects? They don't have a big budget for the project and I don't have a lot of experience rendering out a complex fly-through. Any advice would be such a help :-) Thank John

Gallery / Happy Christmas & NY All!
« on: 2021-12-09, 21:52:04 »
Hi Team Corona & Forum,

Thank you to the team for giving us such a fantastic render engine and look forward to what's to come in 2022, good work all and thank you for such a brilliant forum full of knowledge. Have a good Xmas & NYE :-) John.

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