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I'm getting this with Max 2024 and corona 10.1 / 11DB.

Large scene that was rendering OK. Its the same on two PCs and have loaded the scenes many times to try. The corona process stops after parsing.

I note that chrome remote desktop could be a cause, I have been using that recently but I'm really hoping thats not it as its a really useful tool. I was also told the otherday that dropbox isnt recommended by autodesk. Seems like the useful tools are being rulled out and we should never leave our desks ;-)

+1 for this, glad I'm not the only one. Working on a few large files and they can take an hour to open. The current one is a particularly big 6GB file. Interesting that the Max log says the scene is loaded within 3 mins. Task manager is running at single thread speed and the RAM usage is idling around 20GB, so its slowly working on something but not building any RAM, there is zero disk activity, its been in this state for about 35mins and counting now. Eventually it usually opens after approx an hour. In other scenes I have put it down to lots of forestpack but only a few bits in this scene. I can try and archive it but I am guessing its going to be huge with all textures and assets.

I think we notice this loading corona assets more in Max 2024 with the loading bar feature which is useful.

EDIT: OK after 35-40 mins of idling around at 20GB ram and no disk activity, it bursts to life with loads of disk and cpu, ram quickly builds to 55GB and the viewport gets generated. Not sure what its chewing on. My guess would be material generating related. We were trouble shooting some crashes in another large scene and uninstalled corona to test and the scene geometry generated very quickly, just with all black materials.

Hmm getting more crash on loads with some larger scenes in the loading corona assets phase with the latest beta. Quite possibly forestpack related again. Have rolled back to 10.1 for one scene (no humano people in that one) and that loads again. We have one PC that seems to be more sensitive to crashes, same spec and software versions and plugin versions but one PC loads some scenes the other cant and both crash on one particular scene. Very odd.

Thanks so much for fixing the forest pack crash on opening bug with that latest beta. Saved a massive headache we were having with humano people killing scenes.

Can you expand on this? I too use humano, but they are so so so heavy that I've moved to anima.

Are you saying that forest pack somehow helps with this? Or are you just referring to a specific bug?

It was a bug it seems with how forestpack and corona interact when loading through some object materials causing a crash on load. For us it was with humano figures.

Thanks so much for fixing the forest pack crash on opening bug with that latest beta. Saved a massive headache we were having with humano people killing scenes.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: bitmaps not showing
« on: 2023-09-08, 14:07:02 »
Wow thanks James, sounds like a useful one. I've just downloaded.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: bitmaps not showing
« on: 2023-09-08, 12:26:16 »
To be fair it just worked without pressing the button, so it might not be a direct comparisson.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: bitmaps not showing
« on: 2023-09-08, 11:58:48 »
Ah great. I can get it to work with the right clicking in the slate editor like you said thanks. It was the fact I could get it to show with the Max material but not the corona one that had me thinking it was corona related. Hopefully they will sort that soon.

[Max] Bug Reporting / bitmaps not showing
« on: 2023-09-08, 11:06:41 »
Ive really struggled to get bitmaps to show consistantly in Max 2024 and corona 10. Some of them work but some dont, even when toggling the show bitmap button on the slate editor ribbon. I've tried different display modes like high quality but that makes no difference. Its a corona issue because if I recreate the same material with a standard max material with the same bitmap and real world scale settings it shows up fine but switching back to the corona material they disappear again. Its the same whether I use a max bitmap shader or the corona bitmap. Any ideas? Seemed better in Max 2023 and I seem to remember reeading the release notes that there were some 'improvements' to the corona bitmap display in R10 but thats not been my experience.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Bump in layered materials
« on: 2023-08-01, 13:32:09 »
Great, thanks

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Bump in layered materials
« on: 2023-07-24, 13:09:31 »
Thanks for looking in to this. I've just done some more tests and I think I have identified the problem.

I use the normals shading multipass to view the effect of bump and displacement when Im making materials. It appears that while the bump blending works correctly in the full render view, if you switch to the normals shading pass it only shows whatever bump is set in the base material. So if there is no bump in the base material but there is on a layer on top, the normals pass just shows the object as being smooth. I've just recreated it with a simple checker material in the second materials bump, no other chanels used in either material and its happening there where the normals multipass is just flat. But switch the checker map to the base material bump and it will show up. Hope that helps

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Bump in layered materials
« on: 2023-07-18, 10:30:06 »

[Max] Bug Reporting / Bump in layered materials
« on: 2023-07-14, 13:50:58 »
Not sure if this is a long standing limitation of the layered shader as I've not noticed before. But it seems like only the bump from the base material can be used - is that right? Displacement works with the different options like blending but bump is only from the base material which seems like a strange limitation when displacement can be blended. If I remove any bump maps from the base material then the material is just flat, even with layers above that have bump switched on are active in the layer shader. (no displacement used).

Corona 10 full release, Max 2023

New Boolean mod is pretty sweet. Just better in every way from initial testing. Nice to be able to nest objects in folders and switch stuff on and off. Much more robust as well.

Just FYI we just bought a new set of licenses during cyber week and we let our previous subscription lapse. All seems fine.

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